You’ve booked a stay at Disney’s Sequoia Lodge for a relaxing time with family or friends. But when the call of magic is felt and it’s time to head to the Disneyland Paris parks, how do you get there?

The Disney’s Sequoia Lodge, inspired by American mountain lodges, is a true invitation to relaxation in the heart of nature. Immersed in a peaceful environment, surrounded by majestic pine trees, this hotel evokes the rustic charm of the great national parks. The warm and comfortable rooms, as well as the common areas, with their stone fireplaces and woodwork, transport you to a universe where serenity reigns. Just a stone’s throw from the Disneyland Paris parks, the Sequoia Lodge offers its visitors the perfect combination of nature, comfort, and Disney magic.

Option #1: Walking for a picturesque stroll around the lake

Duration : 15 minutes

Choosing to take a leisurely stroll from Disney’s Sequoia Lodge is an excellent way to start the day. The path will lead you around the picturesque lake of Disney Village, providing soothing views and idyllic photo opportunities. Along the way, admire the architecture of the recently renovated New York – The Art of Marvel Hotel, a modern nod to the art and culture of superheroes. Once you’ve passed this landmark, you’ll reach the bag check area. After this formality, the bustling Disney Village will unfold before you, paving the way to Disneyland Park or the Walt Disney Studios.

Option #2: Taking the Disney shuttle, the quick and convenient choice

Duration : 5 minutes

If you’re looking to maximize your time or conserve your energy for the attractions, the Disney shuttle is the preferred option. Provided by the hotel, the shuttle departs every 12 minutes from 6:30 am to 11:00 pm, ensuring great flexibility. It will take you directly to the bus station at Disneyland Paris. From there, the park of your dreams is just a few steps away, right after the baggage check.

My tips for making the best choice

In my opinion, walking in the morning is a wise choice. The morning freshness, combined with the peaceful beauty of the lake and the Disney Village, is an ideal way to start your day. However, after hours of exploring, laughing, and perhaps even dancing with your favorite Disney characters, fatigue may set in, especially if you have young children. In these moments, the shuttle is a blessing. It will take you back to your hotel comfortably in the evening, allowing you to recharge your batteries for another magical day.