Staying at the Santa Fe hotel and wondering how to easily reach the Disneyland Paris parks? What’s the most convenient and enjoyable way to kick off your magical adventure?

The Santa Fe hotel at Disneyland Paris is a colorful immersion into the charm of the American Southwest. Inspired by the arid landscapes and vibrant colors of New Mexico, this establishment offers its visitors a unique escape reminiscent of Route 66 and Pixar’s “Cars” universe. Each carefully decorated room reflects the warm atmosphere of the American deserts and promises well-deserved rest after a day spent in the parks. Navajo motifs, cacti, and desert landscapes adorn the walls and common areas, transporting residents on a journey through the vast expanses of Santa Fe. It’s a true oasis of comfort and escapism at the heart of Disney magic.

Option #1: On foot to get into the swing of things

Duration : 20 minutes

The Santa Fe Hotel, inspired by the warmth and colors of New Mexico, is one of the official hotels of Disneyland Paris. Although slightly out of the way from the park’s main hotels, its location offers a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in a picturesque stroll. For walkers, the parks can be reached in just over 20 minutes. The route takes you first to the neighboring Cheyenne Hotel, then along a peaceful and charming river. This serene stroll concludes with a drive through the dynamic Disney Village, the perfect preparation for the wonder of the parks.

Option #2: Disney shuttle, the simplest choice

Duration : 5 minutes

For those who prefer to avoid walking, especially families with strollers or young children, the Santa Fe hotel offers a convenient and comfortable solution: the free shuttle. Easily accessible from the hotel lobby, this shuttle provides a quick and efficient connection to the Disneyland Paris bus station, conveniently located at the entrance of the park. With departures every 12 minutes, waiting time is minimized, ensuring a smooth and pleasant transition between the hotel and the park. It’s an ideal option to start or end your day of Disney adventures smoothly and with all the required serenity.

My advice for making the best choice

From personal experience, I’d only suggest walking to the parks if you’re accompanied by older children. Indeed, the journey, although pleasant, can be exhausting for young children who, during the day, will already cover a good distance at Disneyland Paris. What’s more, if you’re traveling with strollers, bags or other equipment, walking can quickly become more complicated. As for the idea of taking your own car, I strongly advise against it. Not only will you have to walk for about 10 minutes from the Disney parking lot to the park entrance, but it’s also less environmentally friendly than using the shuttle bus, not to mention unwise for such a short distance.