Are you staying at the New York – The Art of Marvel hotel and wondering how to quickly and easily reach Disneyland Paris parks? What’s the best way to maximize your time and energy, especially if you’re traveling with children?

At the heart of Disneyland Paris, the New York – The Art of Marvel hotel stands as a haven dedicated to the captivating universe of Marvel superheroes. Blending the classic elegance of the Big Apple with the explosive creativity of Marvel comics, this hotel offers a unique experience. For visitors, it’s not just a place to rest; it’s a total immersion into a world where art, luxury, and adventure intertwine.

Option #1: On Foot for a Picturesque Stroll Around the Lake

Duration : 10 minutes

For those looking to soak in every moment of their stay, a leisurely stroll is an excellent choice. Leaving the hotel, you’ll be immersed in the ambiance of the Disney Village, with its glowing signs and familiar melodies. After a quick bag check, the path leads you through this lively thoroughfare and directly to the park gates. It’s a simple and enjoyable way to start the day, especially with the view of the lake accompanying you.

Option #2: By Disney shuttle, the quick and convenient choice

Duration : 5 minutes

If time is short or if the little ones’ legs start to tire after a busy day, the Disney shuttle is your ally. With regular departures every 12 minutes, this free shuttle takes you from the stylish lobby of the New York – The Art of Marvel hotel directly to the bus station of Disneyland Paris. Once you arrive, a short walk separates you from roller coasters, the castle, and beloved characters.

My tips for making the best choice

For me, there’s nothing quite like the freshness of the morning at Disneyland Paris. Opting for a morning stroll allows you to enjoy the calm around the lake and the relative tranquility of the Disney Village before the hustle and bustle of the day. However, after enjoying the attractions and shows, especially with tired children, the evening shuttle is a real blessing. It offers you a quick and comfortable return to your hotel, allowing you to recharge your batteries for another day of adventures.