Are you in search of the perfect getaway that combines enchantment and comfort? Wondering which Disneyland Paris hotel will be the ideal backdrop for your most magical dreams and epic adventures?

Join me on this journey into the heart of Disney accommodations, where each hotel is a promise of immersion in a distinct universe, blending magic and amenities to transform your nights into extensions of the enchanting world of your days. Whether you want to sink into a princely sleep or wake up in the midst of a Wild West adventure, my guide is the key to choosing your perfect haven.

Why choose a Disney hotel?

Opting for a Disney hotel is above all choosing convenience and exclusivity. The benefits begin at dawn with Extra Magic Time, where hotels offer you early access to the parks. Personalized services, complimentary shuttles, the unique ambiance of each hotel, and surprise encounters with Disney characters make every stay unforgettable and hassle-free.

Disneyland Hotel


Category : 
Theme : Princess, Princes, Royal
Swimming pool : Yes
Walking distance : 0 min
Shuttle distance : N/A
Price : €€€

New York – The Art of Marvel

Category : 
Theme : Marvel
Swimming pool : Yes
Walking distance : 10 min
Shuttle distance : 8 min
Price : €€

Newport Bay Club


Category : 
Theme : Nautical, New England
Swimming pool : Yes
Walking distance : 15 min
Shuttle distance : 8 min
Price : €€

Sequoia Lodge


Category : 
Theme : Bambi, Forester
Swimming pool : Yes
Walking distance : 15 min
Shuttle distance : 8 min
Price : €€



Category : 
Theme : Far West, Western
Swimming pool : No
Walking distance : 20 min
Shuttle distance : 8 min
Price : €€

Santa Fe


Category : 
Theme : Route 66, Cars
Swimming pool : No
Walking distance : 20 min
Shuttle distance : 8 min
Price : €€

Davy Crocket Ranch


Category : 
Theme : Nature, Forestry
Swimming pool : Yes
Walking distance : N/A
Shuttle distance : N/A
Price : €

Choosing your Disney hotel on a budget

With a rating system ranging from one to five stars, Disneyland Paris offers a range of options to suit all budgets. Hotels like the Hotel Cheyenne and Hotel Santa Fe, rated three and two stars respectively, are perfect for those looking to keep their budgets in check without sacrificing the Disney experience. The Hotel Cheyenne, for example, immerses guests in a Wild West ambience with themed rooms and a friendly atmosphere.

For those seeking a more luxurious experience, immerse yourself in the cosmopolitan elegance of Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel, or let yourself be enchanted by the timeless charm of Hotel Disneyland, four- and five-star establishments that promise wonder and exceptional service.

Here, according to my recommendations, is the list of Disney hotels ranked by their excellent value for money, from the most advantageous to the most luxurious:

  1. Disney’s Hotel Cheyenne: Immersive Wild West ambiance at an affordable price, ideal for families seeking adventure without breaking the bank.
  2. Disney’s Newport Bay Club: Maritime atmosphere and elegant rooms with stunning lake views, offering a compromise between luxury and price.
  3. Disney’s Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel: Modernity and style with a superhero theme for a unique experience, justifying its higher price point.
  4. Disneyland Hotel: The epitome of elegance and Disney service, located at the park entrance for an unparalleled upscale experience.
  5. Disney’s Sequoia Lodge: A perfect balance between soothing nature and comfort, with a rustic touch for forest immersion.
  6. Disney’s Hotel Santa Fe: Route 66 theme for a more relaxed atmosphere, representing an economical choice while staying within the Disney universe.
  7. Disney’s Davy Crockett Ranch: For independence and tranquility, these cabins offer a nature escape to those who prefer to get away from the hustle and bustle of the park.

This order reflects a carefully considered balance between the quality of the Disney experience and budget, offering everyone an option that meets their expectations and means.

Choose your Disney hotel closest to the park

Proximity to the parks is a major advantage for maximizing your time at Disneyland Paris. The five-star Disneyland Hotel offers timeless elegance just steps from the entrance to Disneyland Park, while the New York, Sequoia and Newport Bay Club hotels combine comfort and proximity, allowing you to return to your room for a well-deserved break before diving back into the adventure. The Cheyenne and Santa Fe hotels, on the other hand, are a little further from the park. As for the Davy Crockett Ranch, this hotel is much further from the park and inaccessible without a car or Uber.

To help you choose your accommodation based on proximity to the Disneyland parks, here’s a list of Disney hotels ranked by distance and average walking time required to reach the magical entrances:

  1. Disneyland Hotel: Located right at the park’s entrance, this hotel gives you access to Disneyland’s gates in just a few steps, offering unrivalled proximity.
  2. Disney’s Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel: Just a 10-minute walk away, this hotel puts you close to the park while offering a unique Marvel experience.
  3. Disney’s Newport Bay Club: A 15-minute walk along the lake takes you straight to the heart of Disneyland magic.
    Disney’s Sequoia Lodge: Also a 15-minute walk away, this hotel offers a beautiful walk through woodland to the park.
  4. Disney’s Hotel Cheyenne: With a 20-minute walk, this themed hotel takes you through a Wild West atmosphere before arriving at the park.
  5. Disney’s Hotel Santa Fe: Also a 20-minute walk away, the ambiance of New Mexico accompanies you on your way to Disneyland’s entrance.
  6. Disney’s Davy Crockett Ranch: A 15-minute drive away, this ranch doesn’t allow access to the park on foot, but offers a natural setting for those who prefer to escape after a busy day.

Choose your Disneyland hotel with a swimming pool

The hotels New York – The Art of Marvel, Newport Bay Club and Sequoia Lodge offer not only a distinctive ambience but also pools in which to relax. The Newport Bay Club evokes the charm of 1920s seaside hotels, and its lake-view pool is a must for swimmers. Sequoia Lodge, on the other hand, transports you to an American national park atmosphere, with a pool surrounded by greenery.

Immerse yourself in comfort and entertainment even after your day at the park by choosing a Disney hotel with a pool. Here are the Disney hotels offering this refreshing touch, ranked based on the appeal of their pools in my opinion:

  1. Disney’s Newport Bay Club: Its large pool with maritime decor offers a relaxing setting after a day of adventures.
  2. Disney’s Davy Crockett Ranch: Here, the indoor pool with a slide ensures entertainment and relaxation for the whole family, amidst nature.
  3. Disney’s Sequoia Lodge: An ambiance inspired by the great American national parks awaits you with an indoor/outdoor pool and a small slide.
  4. Disney’s Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel: Discover a dynamic pool in a setting inspired by Marvel superheroes.
  5. Disneyland Hotel: The pool at this hotel offers a luxurious experience worthy of its status, but with a pool that I find too small.

Which hotel to choose for an immersive experience?

Diving into the Disney experience doesn’t just limit itself to the theme parks; it also means choosing a hotel that sparks imagination from the moment you step through the door. Here’s a list of Disneyland Paris hotels that, in my opinion, promise complete immersion, each offering a unique journey through its décor and ambiance, in order of preference:

  1. Disney’s Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel: A modern adventure awaits you, where every detail pays homage to Marvel superheroes, perfect for comic book and epic film fans.
  2. Disneyland Hotel: With its Victorian facade and timeless luxury, this hotel transports you to an elegant and magical universe, evoking Disney princes and princesses.
  3. Disney’s Hotel Cheyenne: You’re transported to the Wild West, with themed rooms celebrating the legends of cowboys and pioneers.
  4. Disney’s Newport Bay Club: Its nautical theme recalls the golden age of transatlantic cruises, offering a refined and relaxing escape by the water.
  5. Disney’s Sequoia Lodge: Inspired by American lodges in national parks, this hotel envelops you in a rustic and warm atmosphere, perfect for nature lovers.
  6. Disney’s Hotel Santa Fe: Immersed in the American Southwest, with warm colors and an ambiance inspired by the desert landscapes of Route 66.
  7. Disney’s Davy Crockett Ranch: Perfect for families, this ranch offers the experience of returning to nature, complemented by outdoor activities for all.

Which Disney hotel for a romantic getaway?

Romance thrives on magic and intimacy, qualities that Disneyland Paris captures in its hotels, each offering a unique atmosphere for couples seeking unforgettable memories. Here’s a selection of the best Disney hotels for a romantic getaway, each with its own charm:

  1. Disneyland Hotel: The epitome of luxury and romance, this hotel immerses you in a fairy tale ambiance with impeccable service and sumptuous rooms, perfect for couples looking to be pampered.
  2. Disney’s Newport Bay Club: With its lake view and elegant maritime theme, it offers a serene setting and a romantic stroll along the shores, perfect for moments of intimacy.
  3. Disney’s Sequoia Lodge: The cozy atmosphere and lobby fireplace invite relaxed evenings after a day at the park, offering a warm and intimate retreat.
  4. Disney’s Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel: For couples passionate about pop culture and adventure, this modern hotel offers a unique getaway, with a touch of heroic excitement.

Personally, I find the other hotels too “family-oriented” to be recommended for a romantic couples’ stay.

Which Disney hotel to choose for a family holiday?

The Cheyenne and Santa Fe hotels offer rooms designed to comfortably accommodate families, with bunk beds for children and spacious living areas for all. These hotels offer an excellent balance between fun for kids and comfort for parents.

Here are the hotels that excel in the art of welcoming families, offering both comfort and enchantment in my opinion:

  1. Disney’s Hotel Cheyenne: Topping the list, Hotel Cheyenne delights young fans with its “Toy Story” themed rooms and its Far West setting that invites adventure in comfort and conviviality.
  2. Disney’s Hotel Santa Fe: With its “Cars” themed rooms, this hotel is a hit for little car enthusiasts, while offering a quiet environment for the whole family.
  3. Disney’s Sequoia Lodge: This lodge inspired by American national parks is ideal for families, offering a playful pool with slides that guarantees hours of fun for children.
  4. Disney’s Newport Bay Club: Its maritime ambiance and heated pool make it a pleasant stay for families looking to relax after a day in the parks.
  5. Disney’s Davy Crockett Ranch: For families seeking independence and nature, Davy Crockett Ranch offers spacious cabins nestled in a wooded setting. It’s the perfect place for those with their own vehicle who want to combine the Disney adventure with a sense of tranquility away from the hustle and bustle of the parks.
  6. Disney’s Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel: This hotel is a paradise for families who are fans of superheroes, where Marvel art and spirit are experienced in every detail.
  7. Disneyland Hotel: Although more luxurious, it offers an incomparable experience for families, with its spacious rooms, exceptional service, and unmatched proximity to the parks, plunging children and adults into a waking dream.

Which Disney hotel to choose for a nature break?

For those longing to get away from the hustle and bustle after a day full of excitement, Davy Crockett Ranch is an oasis. The mobile homes offer a true escape into the heart of nature, with all modern comforts in a peaceful, rustic setting. Ideal for families or groups looking for more space and independence, Davy Crockett Ranch invites you to relax in the middle of the woods, while remaining close to the park. Nevertheless, it is essential to have a vehicle or to arrange transport, as the Ranch is not served by the park’s free shuttles. It’s the perfect choice for those who want to combine Disney adventure with a touch of outdoor adventure.

Here are the two hotels that capture the essence of a nature-themed stay, according to my recommendations:

  1. Disney’s Davy Crockett Ranch: Perfect for those looking to combine privacy and autonomy, Davy Crockett Ranch offers bungalows nestled in a wooded and peaceful setting. With playgrounds and walking areas, it’s a place to stay that promises adventure and tranquility to families eager to get away from the hustle and bustle of the parks.
  2. Disney’s Sequoia Lodge: This hotel draws inspiration from mountain lodges and immerses its visitors in a rustic and warm atmosphere. The pool with its slides and the presence of Bambi and his friends make Sequoia Lodge the ideal place for families seeking a natural experience without sacrificing the Disney magic.

In conclusion, choosing the right hotel at Disneyland Paris is essential to complete your magical experience. Whether you’re looking for total immersion in the world of Disney, a moment of romantic relaxation, a family stay adapted to everyone’s needs or a beautiful escape in the heart of nature, each hotel offers unique advantages to meet your expectations. From the wild and adventurous atmosphere of Davy Crockett Ranch to the elegance and luxury of the Disneyland Hotel, there’s an option for every dream and every budget. Take the time to consider your priorities and let the magic of Disney do the rest for an unforgettable stay where every detail contributes to creating memories that will last a lifetime.