Are you planning a magical day at Disneyland Paris and wondering where to find the best coffee to start or end your day? Have you explored the charming Starbucks locations in Disney Village and those located within the Disney hotels?

Picture starting your day at Disneyland Paris with the comfort of a Starbucks coffee. Renowned for their cozy atmosphere and wide variety of beverages, Starbucks cafes offer a perfect escape to recharge. Amid the thrilling attractions and enchanting parades, a coffee break becomes a cherished moment to relax and indulge.

Disney Village Starbucks

At the heart of the bustling atmosphere of Disneyland Paris is the Starbucks in Disney Village. It’s the most well-known and frequented Starbucks in the park. Whether it’s for a comforting hot beverage during the winter months or a refreshing and invigorating drink in summer, this Starbucks is the perfect spot for a tasty break. Before heading back to your hotel after a day full of excitement, why not stop by to enjoy a latte or a frappuccino?

Starbucks at Disney Hotels

For those staying within the Disney hotels, the Starbucks experience is even more accessible. Three of the Disney hotels – Le Cheyenne, Santa Fe, and Ranch Davy Crockett – have their own Starbucks. This means that even before stepping foot in the park, you can start your day with your favorite Starbucks beverage. These cafes offer the same diverse menu and quality of service you expect from Starbucks, along with the unique charm of Disney.

Where can I find Starbucks in Disney Village?

In short, whether you’re on your way to a day of adventure or looking for a balmy evening, Starbucks at Disneyland Paris is there to add a touch of magic to your experience. Be sure to include them in your itinerary for a delicious and invigorating break!