There’s an added reason to fall under the spell of Disneyland Paris: the opportunity to create your own magic wand at Merlin the Enchanter’s shop, located right inside the fairy-tale castle. Get ready to be amazed by this journey into the heart of magic and craftsmanship!

Since its opening, Disneyland Paris has always managed to surprise its visitors with increasingly innovative and immersive attractions. The latest one takes you into the magical world of fairy tales. With the help of Merlin the Enchanter, you’ll have the chance to make your own magic wand, following a five-step process.

Where to make your wand at Disneyland Paris?

To make your own magic wand, you will need to visit the legendary shop of Merlin the Enchanter. This iconic store, nestled in the heart of the majestic Sleeping Beauty Castle, is a must-visit location at Disneyland Paris. Rich in enchantments and mysteries, it is the ideal place to bring your magic wand to life. Imbued with Merlin’s wisdom and the fairy-tale charm of this iconic castle, the shop offers a truly unique experience, blending the magic of Disney with the ancient art of magic wand creation.

How to make your magic wand at Disneyland Paris?

Step 1: Choose your glass container

Start by choosing the glass container that will become the body of your magic wand. Each glass has a different shape and color, allowing every budding wizard and witch to create a truly unique wand.

Step 2: Select three features for your wand

The power of a magic wand lies in its features. At Merlin the Enchanter’s, you will have the opportunity to select three distinct features that will give your wand its essence and magic. The possibilities are endless, ranging from the black gem of bravery to the energy of the elements of the white gem of wisdom, to the green emerald gem for luck. Each feature will then be mixed according to your lucky number, adding an extra touch of personalization.

Step 3: Fill your wand while reciting a magic spell

The next step is to fill your wand’s container with the features you have chosen while reciting your favorite magic spell. This key step allows you to charge your wand with your personal energy and activate the magic within you!

Step 4: Seal your wand

Once your wand is charged with magic, a glass artisan will seal the container to preserve your magical essence inside. The preservation of your wand will be performed in front of you, a fascinating experience that allows you to admire the ancestral craftsmanship of master glassmakers.

Step 5: Personalize your wand

Finally, add a final touch to your wand by asking the artisan to engrave your name, a symbol, or even a magic spell on the glass if you wish. This last step reinforces the bond between the wizard and their wand, making each creation an unforgettable souvenir of your visit to Disneyland Paris.

What are the different gems available?

One of the crucial steps in creating your magic wand is choosing the features that will define its personality and power. To do this, Merlin the Enchanter’s shop offers a rich and varied range of gems, each symbolizing a distinct virtue or emotion.

Gems are available

Among the gems available you will find:

  • The black gem symbolizing bravery
  • The white gem symbolizing wisdom
  • The pink gem symbolizing happiness
  • The orange gem symbolizing friendship
  • The red gem symbolizing love
  • The yellow gem symbolizing joy
  • The light blue gem symbolizing freedom
  • The blue gem symbolizing imagination
  • The navy blue gem symbolizing transformation
  • The light green gem symbolizing immortality
  • The emerald green gem symbolizing luck
  • The purple gem symbolizing energy

Each gem has been carefully selected and prepared to infuse your wand with its unique magic. The choice is vast, and the harmony of colors and energies will allow you to create a wand that truly resembles you.

So don’t wait any longer, come and live this unique and magical experience during your next visit to Disneyland Paris. With the opportunity to make your own magic wand, the magic of Disney has never been so tangible!