Looking for an original way to share the magic of Disneyland Paris with friends and family? Disneyland Paris offers many ways to treat your loved ones, but one of them is highly original!

The world-famous Disneyland Paris theme park has always been known for its overflowing magic, enchantment and unique sense of detail, which has managed to amaze millions of visitors worldwide. But did you know that this park also offers a unique service that allows visitors to share part of this enchanted experience with their friends and loved ones back home? It’s the Disneyland Paris letter-sending service.

How does the letter service work?

The service is simple and very easy to use. You simply choose a postcard from the vast selection available in the park’s shops. These postcards reflect the very essence of Disneyland Paris, featuring images of your favorite Disney characters, drawings of iconic castles, or memorable moments from various attractions.

After choosing your postcard, all you have to do is stamp it. You can purchase stamps at any shop in Disneyland Paris. It’s worth mentioning that these stamps are not just ordinary stamps, but fully-fledged collectibles with unique Disney designs and motifs.

Once your postcard is stamped, drop it into one of the mailboxes located throughout the Disney Parks. Your postcard will be sent out the next day, bringing a piece of the magic of Disneyland Paris directly to your recipient’s mailbox.

A touch of mystery…

In the past, postcards sent from Disneyland Paris carried a distinctive park stamp, adding a touch of authenticity and surprise for the recipient. However, it seems that this stamp no longer appears on recently sent postcards. Official confirmation of this information has yet to be obtained. In any case, Disneyland Paris’ letter-sending service continues to surprise and delight recipients with a piece of Disney magic.