The steam tractor located near the entrance of Big Thunder Mountain in Frontierland at Disneyland Paris is an authentic American steam tractor built in the 1800s. It comes from a family residing in Missouri where it was passed down from generation to generation.

Origins of the tractor

The steam tractor was initially used for agricultural work by a family in Missouri, United States. After being abandoned for years, it was restored by its descendants, who then began using it for family outings and with friends on their farm.

The tractor was used to pull a trailer containing wooden seats, on which passengers could sit and enjoy rides around the farm. According to some sources, the tractor was also used to pull a small steam locomotive that had been purchased earlier.

The history of the tractor at Disneyland Paris

When the family members decided to sell their property, the tractor became a collectible item for steam train enthusiasts and fans of American West history. Disneyland Paris purchased the tractor in 1992 as part of its efforts to enhance the atmosphere of Frontierland, the themed area dedicated to the era of the American West.

The tractor was then transported by boat from the United States to France, where it was restored and placed at the heart of Frontierland. Since then, the steam tractor has become an icon of Disneyland Paris, cherished by visitors for its authentic character and interesting history.

Equipped with a boiler that heats water to produce steam, which then powers a piston engine to propel the tractor forward. Although the tractor is not operational, it remains in good condition and is regularly maintained by the Disneyland Paris teams.

The romantic anecdote of this tractor

By purchasing the tractor, Disney enabled the family to raise money, which allowed the husband to buy a ring for his wife, a gift he couldn’t afford for their wedding.