The parade at Disneyland Paris is always a magical experience that you absolutely must not miss during your visit. Every day, you can indeed witness a unique spectacle, featuring your favorite Disney characters aboard magnificent floats crossing the park.

Disney Stars On Parade is the current parade offered at the park by Disneyland Paris every day. However, to fully enjoy the magic, it’s important to be ideally positioned, and although the floats move from Fantasyland to Main Street U.S.A., it’s not always easy to find the right spot. That’s why I’ve decided to give you my best tips and tricks so you can position yourself ideally and enjoy the best view possible.

In front of the Bella Note restaurant in Fantasyland

The Disney Stars on Parade starts from the large gate near the ‘it’s a small world’ attraction. If you want to have an incredible view of the parade floats and see them head-on, it is recommended to position yourself in front of the terrace of the Bella Note restaurant. This location will also allow you to see them as they turn towards the castle. By placing yourself here, you can fully enjoy the parade experience and observe the floats optimally and from different angles.

Drawback: Make sure to arrive early to secure a prime spot and enjoy the Disney Stars on Parade in the best conditions, as it is one of the favorite locations for Disney fans.

Next to the Castle Theatre

For those who love a great view, another ideal location is at Central Plaza, near the Theatre. From this spot, you can take photos of the parade with the castle in the background. Additionally, like the location in Fantasyland, positioning yourself here allows you to see the floats from various angles.

Drawback: At this location, you will most likely be crowded with other visitors as it is also a highly sought-after spot.

In front of the kiosk, facing Main Street U.S.A

For those who wish to have an unobstructed and unique view of Main Street U.S.A, I highly recommend positioning yourself at the entrance of Main Street U.S.A in front of the kiosk. By placing yourself at this location, you will see the parade arriving from the castle and gradually coming towards you. A truly incredible spot, in my opinion!

Drawback: This location is very small, so there is limited space.

The Infinity Pass location

Infinity Annual Pass holders could enjoy (by reservation) a reserved area for the parade. This location, situated to the left of the castle theatre, in my opinion, is not the best spot for viewing. However, it has the advantage of being relatively large, thus avoiding being completely crowded as it might be elsewhere. Today, with the discontinuation of the Infinity pass range, this advantage is no longer offered by Disneyland Paris.

The reserved spot (paid option)

Since March 29, 2024, it has been possible to reserve a designated spot for the parade. This spot is currently offered at a price of €19 per person per show. To take advantage of this option, simply visit the Disneyland Paris mobile app.