Description sheet

Park: Disneyland
Location: Fantasyland

Type: Family attraction
Theme: Dumbo
Type of attraction: Rotating aerial ride

My recommendation: A must-do classic


Age: Toddlers, Children, Teens, Adults
Minimum size: No restrictions
PRM access: Wheelchair transfer essential
Pregnant women: Accessible to pregnant women


Disney Premier Access: No
Single Rider: No
PhotoPass: No

Presentation of the attraction

Dumbo The Flying Elephant is an iconic family attraction located in Fantasyland Park at Disneyland Paris. This attraction, which is featured in almost every Disney theme park worldwide, is based on the classic 1941 animated film “Dumbo”.

In this attraction, visitors have the chance to fly high into the sky aboard their very own flying elephant, just like Dumbo in the film. Each elephant is designed to resemble Dumbo, with large ears and a circus hat on its head. The vehicles can go up and down, giving passengers control over the height of their flight.

Dumbo The Flying Elephant is a charming and enjoyable attraction for children, offering panoramic views of the park and a gentle, tranquil journey through the air. The elephants move in a circle, reminiscent of traditional carousel rides, but with an extra touch of Disney magic thanks to the addition of flight.

In addition to the attraction itself, there’s also a colorful statue of Timothy Q. Mouse, Dumbo’s best friend, holding a feather – the object that gives Dumbo the confidence to fly.

Technical data

Type of attraction: Rotating aerial ride
Opening date: 1992 (park inauguration year)
Number of vehicles: 16
Number of passengers per vehicle: 2
Ride time: 1 minute 30
Anecdotes and secrets: Riding this attraction after dark offers a fabulous view of Fantasyland and the castle.

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