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Find out all about the story lines and secrets behind Disneyland Paris attractions. From Phantom Manor to Space Mountain, I tell you everything. You’ll also find all the latest news on attractions at Disneyland and Walt Disney Studios. Find out all about the latest construction projects and renovations, so you can prepare for your visit to Mickey’s kingdom! I reveal not only the magic that animates each ride and show, but also the fascinating and often little-known story behind each one. From the enchanted tales that inspire these captivating adventures to the technical marvels that make them possible, every detail is explored and explained for your enjoyment. What’s more, I also reveal the secrets that only the most discerning Disney connoisseurs know. Learn how and why each attraction was created, unravel the mysteries of their design and operation, and discover tips on how to get the most out of each one. With my attraction guide, your visit to Disneyland Paris will become a richer, deeper experience.