There’s always a special excitement that accompanies a visit to Disneyland Paris, from the sound of joyful laughter and the thrill of roller coasters to the sparkle of magical fireworks. However, one shadow often looms over this perfect day—the queues. Fortunately, Disneyland Paris has introduced an innovative solution: Lineberty, an app that promises to reinvent the visitor experience by minimizing wait times and maximizing enjoyment.

Disneyland Paris continues to innovate and delight its visitors by capitalizing on digital advancements. In recent years, the park has introduced a virtual queue app for certain special events, a strategy that perfectly aligns with its digital transformation initiatives. This initiative has been enthusiastically received by fans, who see it as an opportunity to maximize their time and enjoyment in the park. By using technology to enhance the visitor experience, Disneyland Paris once again demonstrates its commitment to innovation and top-tier customer service.

What is Lineberty?

Lineberty is an app that allows you to reserve your spot in queues virtually. It’s a digital solution that radically transforms the way you spend your time at Disneyland Paris. The app has been tested and implemented since 2018, as part of Disneyland Paris’s ongoing effort to integrate digitalization into its operations.

How does Lineberty enhance your experience at Disneyland Paris?

Instead of standing in a long line for your favorite shop or to buy a collector’s item, Lineberty allows you to ‘queue’ virtually. You can book your place in the queue directly from your phone, which means you are free to explore the rest of the park or the village while you wait.

When your turn is approaching, Lineberty sends you a notification to let you know it’s almost your turn. You simply go to the location of your event and show your digital ticket. This system allows you to enjoy more time for your activities, take a meal break, or shop without losing your place in the queue.

Lineberty, for which events?

Lineberty is used for various special events at Disneyland Paris, thus increasing its utility and appeal. For instance, for Disney Pin collectors, Lineberty has become an invaluable tool. The app allows users to virtually reserve a spot for purchasing collector’s pins, thereby avoiding physical queues at these highly sought-after events. Additionally, during the sale of attraction keys—limited editions representing various park attractions—Lineberty facilitates access by offering the possibility to book in advance. Since February 17, 2024, you can also reserve a slot for access to the newly reopened Disneyland Hotel. These additional uses of Lineberty enhance its value as an essential tool for optimizing the experience at Disneyland Paris.

How to get the Lineberty app?

Lineberty is available for free on dedicated Android and iOS platforms. You can download it from the Google Play Store or the App Store. Once the app is installed, you can add your profile and start searching for events at Disneyland Paris. For those who prefer, Lineberty is also available through a dedicated web portal.

My Tips for Using the Lineberty App

  1. Maximize anticipation: Be connected to the app a few minutes before the event reservation opens and refresh your page as soon as the opening time arrives.
  2. Test the app: I advise you to test the app beforehand with another event to fully understand how it works.
  3. Check your network: Ensure you have a good internet connection, preferably using Wi-Fi over a 4G or 5G network.
  4. Be quick: Be very quick when making your reservation, as spots go very quickly.
  5. Use a Smartphone: I recommend using a smartphone to make your reservation. You must present your original ticket from the app or web portal to access the event. Therefore, do not use a computer to make your reservation, or you will be forced to bring it to the park. Personally, I recommend using the web portal, which is more stable than the mobile app.

Disneyland Paris has always been a place where magic and innovation go hand in hand. With the Lineberty app, the park continues its commitment to innovation by providing a solution to maximize enjoyment and minimize waiting. Whether you’re an enthusiast of attraction keys or a collector of Disney pins, Lineberty is an essential tool to make the most of your passion for Disneyland Paris. So, are you ready to skip the queue and dive straight into the magic?