“Have you ever dreamed of experiencing Disneyland Paris like never before? To have privileged access to your favorite attractions before anyone else? To share exclusive moments with your favorite Disney characters? Or to be amazed by shows specially reserved for you? If your answer is yes, then get ready for an unforgettable adventure. Let me introduce you to the Extra Magic Hours at Disneyland Paris, an experience that will literally transform your stay into a fairy tale!

If you are staying at a Disney hotel or hold a Magic Plus, Infinity, or Gold Annual Pass, you can then experience Disneyland Paris in an exclusive and privileged way. And this is thanks to the Extra Magic Moments. Offering an even more immersive and personal Disney experience, these exclusive moments allow you to discover the park like you have never seen it before.

What are the Extra Magic Time?

Extra Magic Time are special opportunities offered to visitors of Disneyland Paris to make their stay even more magical. Whether you are a regular at the park or a newcomer, these additional moments of enchantment guarantee even more memorable memories. They can include early access to certain attractions, exclusive encounters with Disney characters, shorter queues for attractions, and much more.

How to Enjoy the Extra Magic Time?

To take advantage of these benefits, simply book a stay at a Disney hotel or hold an Annual Pass Gold. You will then enjoy early entry to the Disneyland Paris parks and access a selection of attractions before the official opening to the public. To do this, simply present yourself at the park entrance with your Magic Pass (card for Disney hotel residents) or your Annual Pass.

What are the hours for the Extra Magic Time?

It is important to note that the hours for the Extra Magic Time vary depending on the season and the expected crowd levels at the park. Generally, these exclusive times occur one hour before the official opening of the park, allowing you to enjoy Disneyland Paris in relative calm and with an even more enchanted atmosphere. To ensure you do not miss this magical experience, the schedule for the Extra Magic Moments is updated daily on the official Disneyland Paris app. Simply consult it to know the exact time and thus plan your dream day in advance.