Are you looking to find out what Disney offers for birthdays? Or how to celebrate your child’s birthday at Disneyland Paris? If so, then you’re in the right place!

A child or adult’s birthday is a very important event. Celebrating it at Disneyland Paris can make this occasion even more magical! In this article, I will introduce you to what Disneyland Paris offers for birthdays, the benefits of celebrating your birthday at the park, and finally, my tips for having an even better day!

What Disney offers on your birthday

Happy Birthday Badge: This is a small gesture that makes all the difference. You can pick up your Happy Birthday badge upon your arrival at Disneyland Paris, whether it’s at your hotel or at visitor services offices like City Hall or Studio Services. This badge is provided without requiring any proof. It allows all visitors as well as staff members and Disney characters to recognize this special day and extend their wishes for happiness to you.

Happy Birthday from Mickey: Imagine the surprise on your children’s faces when they receive a very special phone call from Mickey Mouse himself to wish them a happy birthday! Head to City Hall or Studio Services and simply mention that it’s your birthday or your child’s birthday to enjoy this unique and complimentary experience.

Birthday Cake: To top off your day beautifully, why not order a birthday cake specially designed for the occasion? In all table service restaurants and buffet-style eateries in the park, you have the option to reserve this delicious cake for approximately €35, suitable for about 8 guests. Remember to order it upon your arrival, and when dessert time comes, get ready to be surprised! Cast Members will bring out the cake singing “Happy Birthday,” creating a magical moment you’ll remember for a long time. And if you’re dining in a restaurant where Disney characters roam, expect them to join the celebration to make it even more special.

Paid Options: By staying at one of the Disney hotels, you can access special packages designed for birthdays. In addition to the complimentary small bonuses that may be arranged in your room, these packages offer a tailored experience to celebrate this special day in style. To learn more about the available offers and get a quote, feel free to contact Disneyland Paris by phone at the time of booking or after making your reservation online.

The benefits of celebrating your birthday at the park

If you book a stay at a Disney hotel for a birthday, mention it at the time of booking. You might receive special attentions in the room and perhaps even Disney gifts or an upgrade! In addition to the special perks on your birthday, there is an even more precious advantage: the magical atmosphere created by all the Cast Members. As soon as you step through the park gates, you’ll be greeted with warm smiles and sincere birthday wishes. Throughout the day, Cast Members will strive to make your experience as special as possible by engaging with you, offering small moments of attention, and ensuring that every detail is perfect. Their goal is to create a birthday that you will remember for a long time, infused with the unique magic of Disneyland Paris.

In conclusion, celebrating your birthday at Disneyland Paris is much more than just a celebration: it’s a truly magical experience that will be etched in memories. Whether you’re young or old, you’ll be transported to an enchanted world where every moment is filled with wonder. So, don’t hesitate to seize this unique opportunity and make your birthday an unforgettable memory at Disneyland Paris!