Is visiting Disneyland Paris with a young child easy? How can parents find a moment of tranquility while ensuring the comfort and well-being of their little ones amidst the hustle and bustle of the park? Discover the Baby Care Center, Disneyland’s ideal solution to ensure families have an unforgettable experience in complete serenity.

At Disneyland Paris, the well-being of families is a priority. That’s why the park has established a space specially designed for them: the Baby Care Center. It serves a dual purpose: first, it’s where lost children in the park are taken care of while waiting to be reunited with their parents. But it’s also a peaceful space for parents with young children. Away from the crowds, they can feed their little ones, breastfeed, and change them in a serene and comfortable setting.

Description of the place

Upon entering, one or sometimes several people warmly welcome you. They are there to inform you, guide you, and offer essential products for sale in case of forgetfulness (diapers, baby food, pacifiers…).

For meals, a room is made available to you, equipped with everything necessary to prepare baby food: microwave, bottle warmer, sink, and even small bottles of water with cups. The dining room is furnished with tables and high chairs featuring Mickey for the little ones, as well as standard seats for adults. For additional comfort, cozy armchairs are also available.

The highlight of the Baby Care Center at Disneyland Park is undoubtedly the dedicated baby feeding lounge. Breastfeeding mothers will find peace and privacy there. The restrooms are spacious and equipped with practical and hygienic changing tables, with rolls of paper to place your babies on. This place is open to both mothers and fathers, thus promoting optimal parental collaboration.

Where to find the Baby Care Centers in the park?

  • Disneyland Park: At the exit of Discovery Arcade, between Plaza Gardens Restaurant and the first aid station.
  • Walt Disney Studios Park: On the main square just after the entrance. You’ll find it on the right, next to Studio Services.

Pricing Information

Access to the Baby Care Center is completely free for all families. To ensure comfort for all, entry with a stroller is prohibited. However, if you have forgotten certain essential items, the center offers for sale basic baby products.

In conclusion, the Baby Care Center is a must-visit location for all parents visiting Disneyland Paris with young children. It provides a secure, comfortable, and convenient space to take care of your little ones amidst the excitement of the park. A true oasis for families!