Description sheet

Park: Walt Disney Studios
Location: Production Courtyard

Type: Family attraction
Theme: Lilo et Stich
Type of attraction: Interactive show

Popularity: 
My recommendation: Not to be missed for the little ones


Age: Toddlers, Children, Adults
Minimum size: No restrictions
PRM access: Wheelchair accessible
Pregnant women: Accessible to pregnant women


Disney Premier Access: No
Single Rider: No
PhotoPass: No

Presentation of the attraction

Stitch Live! is a unique attraction located in Walt Disney Studios Park at Disneyland Paris. This interactive attraction is based on the character of Stitch, the mischievous blue alien from the Disney animated film “Lilo & Stitch”.

The attraction is presented in the form of a live show where visitors have the opportunity to interact directly with Stitch who, thanks to advanced real-time animation technologies, is able to respond in real time to visitors’ comments and actions. This is a very special experience for fans of the film, and an attraction that is very popular with children.

In the show, Stitch is trapped aboard a spaceship, trying to escape capture by Captain Gantu. He enlists the help of visitors to create diversions and escape. The show is full of humor, with many gags and jokes on Stitch’s part, making it highly entertaining.

Technical Data

Type of attraction: Interactive show
Opening date: 2008
Show duration: 15 minutes
Trivia & secrets: Take the time to look in the queue at the stained-glass windows: a hidden Mickey is hidden.

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