Description sheet

Park: Disneyland
Location: Fantasyland

Type: Family attraction
Theme: Alice in Wonderland
Type of attraction: Spinning cups

My recommendation: Not to be missed


Age: Toddlers, Children, Teens, Adults
Minimum size: No restrictions
PRM access: Wheelchair transfer essential
Pregnant women: Not recommended for pregnant women


Disney Premier Access: No
Single Rider: No
PhotoPass: No

Presentation of the attraction

Mad Hatter’s Tea Cups is an iconic and colorful attraction located in Fantasyland at Disneyland Paris. Inspired by the famous unbirthday party scene in Disney’s animated Alice in Wonderland, this attraction offers a whirlwind experience that families and children of all ages can enjoy.

Climbing aboard oversized teacups, visitors are taken on a whirlwind of laughter and smiles. The cups spin on themselves as they move around the center of the attraction, creating a sensation of vertigo. Each tea cup is fitted with a wheel that visitors can turn to control the speed at which their cup spins, allowing everyone to personalize their experience to their comfort level.

The attraction is surrounded by a décor inspired by the world of Alice, with trimmed hedges, topiaries and upbeat background music adding to the festive atmosphere. At night, the attraction is particularly pretty with its sparkling lights and bright color palette.

Technical data

Type of attraction: Spinning cups
Opening date: 1992
Number of vehicles: 18
Number of passengers per vehicle: 5
Ride time: 1 minutes 30
Trivia and secrets: At night, the lanterns above the attraction are lit, adding an extra charm to the decor.

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