Description sheet

Park: Disneyland
Location: Fantasyland

Type: Family attraction
Theme: Peter Pan
Type of attraction: Dark Ride

Popularity: 
My recommendation: Not to be missed


Age: Toddlers, Children, Teens, Adults
Minimum size: No restrictions
PRM access: Wheelchair transfer essential
Pregnant women: Not recommended for pregnant women


Disney Premier Access: Yes
Single Rider: No
PhotoPass: No

Presentation of the attraction

Peter Pan’s Flight is an iconic attraction located in Fantasyland at Disneyland Paris. This family attraction takes visitors on a magical journey through the famous story of Peter Pan, the boy who wouldn’t grow up.

Climbing aboard suspended flying galleons, visitors are taken over the illuminated rooftops of London, flying to Neverland. There, they meet many of the most memorable characters and scenes from the Disney classic, including Captain Hook, his ship the Jolly Roger, the Mermaid of the Mermaid Lagoon, and of course, Peter Pan and the Darling children.

The attraction uses a variety of techniques to create the illusion of flight and depth, including scale models, light and motion effects, and perspective murals. The whole experience is enhanced by the film’s original soundtrack, creating a magical, immersive experience for visitors of all ages.

Peter Pan’s Flight is a popular attraction and can have longer waiting times, so we recommend using the FastPass system or visiting early in the morning or late at night to avoid the crowds. Whether you’re a Peter Pan fan, a fairytale enthusiast, or simply looking for a fantastic experience, this attraction is a must-see when visiting Disneyland Paris.

Technical data

Type of attraction: Dark Ride
Opening date: 1992 (park inauguration year)
Number of vehicles: 13
Vehicle speed: 6 km/h
Number of passengers per vehicle: 6
Ride time: 3 minutes 10
Trivia and secrets: Our version of the ride is identical to the ride at California Disneyland.

Where to find the attraction

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