Description sheet

Park: Disneyland
Location: Main Street U.S.A

Type: Family attraction
Theme: New-York, Statue of Liberty
Type of attraction: Walkthrough

My recommendation: For walking


Age: Toddlers, Children, Teens, Adults
Minimum size: No restrictions
PRM access: Wheelchair accessible
Pregnant women: Accessible to pregnant women


Disney Premier Access: No
Single Rider: No
PhotoPass: No

Presentation of the attraction

Liberty Arcade is a unique attraction located on Main Street, U.S.A. at Disneyland Paris. Unlike a traditional attraction with rides or shows, Liberty Arcade is a covered gallery that serves as both a passageway and an exhibit, offering visitors both a hands-on and educational experience.

Inspired by American history and the Statue of Liberty in particular, Liberty Arcade features a series of exhibits and dioramas that tell the story of the famous statue’s design, construction and inauguration. Visitors can see detailed models, conceptual drawings and other objects of interest that shed light on this American icon.

The Arcade itself is a tribute to the covered shopping arcades that were popular in Europe in the late 19th century. It is adorned with stained glass windows, decorative moldings and retro gas lighting to recreate the atmosphere of that era.

Technical data

Type of attraction: Walkthrough
Opening date: 1992 (park inauguration year)
Ride length: 100 meters
Duration: 15 minutes
Trivia and secrets: The arcade is a great way to get around when Main Street U.S.A. is crowded, such as after a parade or night show.

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