Thirty-two years ago to the day, on April 12, 1992, a kingdom of magic, adventure, and dreams was born: Disneyland Paris. And today, as we celebrate its 32nd anniversary, the magic is more alive than ever.

Since its opening, the park has continuously amazed us, transporting us to enchanted worlds and providing unforgettable memories. This year is no exception, as Disneyland Paris has chosen this special day to unveil a plethora of new features and surprises. In this article, let’s dive into the magical universe of Disneyland Paris and explore together all the extraordinary announcements that brightened this memorable day of April 12, 2024.

A day full of emotions

Disneyland Paris has planned a day full of emotion, with events specially dedicated to cast members, insiders, and fans in attendance!

The Day’s Schedule

  • 2pm: A 1.5-hour conference at Studio Theater in Walt Disney Studios Park, exclusively presenting the future projects and developments of Disneyland Paris such as the expansion plans for Walt Disney Studios Park, upcoming renovations at Disney Village, new attractions planned for Disneyland Park, and much more.

    8pm: An exhibition around the show “Alice and the Queen of Hearts: Return to Wonderland” at the Theater of the Stars in Walt Disney Studios Park. Visitors had the opportunity to preview the costumes, sets, and music of this new creation scheduled for the spring.

    6pm and 9pm: Disneyland Paris in Concert – a magical 1.5-hour musical experience featuring the Sinfonia Pop Orchestra, accompanied by six singers, including Debbie Devis, famous for her rendition of “Circle of Life” from “The Lion King.” Visitors were transported into Disney’s enchanted universe through iconic melodies and breathtaking orchestral arrangements.

    11pm: Farewell to Disney Studio 1 at Walt Disney Studios Park. Before its closure for a major transformation scheduled for late April, visitors could enjoy an exclusive evening to pay tribute to this iconic place. Special animations were organized to allow guests to relive magical moments and create unforgettable memories in this iconic decor from Hollywood’s golden age.

Review of the previously announced new features

At the opening of this highly anticipated conference, Disneyland Paris took the opportunity to review several key past and ongoing projects. Among these, the recent update of Star Tours, deployed since early April, the renovation of the Disneyland Hotel at the beginning of 2024, and the ongoing rehabilitation of the Fairy Tale Country were mentioned, as well as the transformation of Disney Village that is also underway.

A new name for Walt Disney Studios Park

As part of the extensive improvement plan for Walt Disney Studios Park, Disneyland Paris has unveiled a major announcement concerning the park. After 22 years of entertainment and magic under its former name, Walt Disney Studios Park is preparing to begin an exciting new chapter under the name of Disney Adventure World. This name change reflects Disneyland Paris’s vision to create a park that celebrates adventure, exploration, and wonder through a myriad of fantastical worlds. Visitors can expect to discover a new identity for this iconic park, while continuing to enjoy unforgettable experiences and create magical memories through the existing attractions and shows and those to come!

This new name, which will fully take effect from the opening of the Frozen land, will lead to a significant transformation as the park will now be divided into two distinct realms: Celebration, highlighting the Disney legacy with the existing lands, and Immersion, dedicated to the new lands.

Photo Credit: Disneyland Paris

New information on the expansion and the Frozen Land

During this conference, Disneyland Paris took the opportunity to share additional information regarding the planned expansion of Walt Disney Studios Park, now known as Disney Adventure World. Attendees had the chance to see a photo illustrating the progress of the extensive construction underway. This image highlighted the scale of the ongoing project, providing a glimpse of the advancements made so far. Additionally, the photo showcased the lake, now filled with water, adding an extra dimension to the anticipation surrounding this future area. This area is intended to be the true hub of the park with this lake, which will be named Adventure Bay.

Disney also released new concept art including images of the future attraction themed around Rapunzel: Rapunzel Tangled Spin, the upcoming Frozen land, and an Art Nouveau-style restaurant where it will be possible to meet Disney princesses.

Photo Credit: Disneyland Paris

Photo Credit: Disneyland Paris

The retheming of the Davy Crockett Ranch

Disneyland Paris has also announced a renovation project for Disney’s Davy Crockett Ranch, with a theme centered on the Junior Woodchucks. This news has sparked interest, especially among those like me who have nostalgic memories associated with the Mickey Mouse comics. The first rethemed bungalows are expected to be ready by the end of 2024, with the entire project slated for completion in 2025.

Photo Credit: Disneyland Paris

Additional information on the transformation of Disney Village

Additional details were disclosed regarding Disney Village during the conference. It is now confirmed that the Village will receive additional contemporary touches, as well as new shopping facilities and experiences. Among these, it is noteworthy that new stores will replace some existing ones. In particular, Disney Fashion and Disney Gallery will close their doors in May to undergo a major transformation and merge into new shopping experiences. Additionally, new facades will be designed to honor the legacy of Walt Disney Animation Studios, in collaboration with the brand. Specific thematic elements will be dedicated to the remarkable work of Ub Iwerks and Mary Blair, two iconic figures in the history of animation.

The Sports Bar will also undergo a modernization to harmonize the entire Village, thus offering visitors a consistent and immersive experience across all areas of Disney Village.

Photo Credit: Disneyland Paris

The extension of the Disney Electrical Sky Parade

The Disney Electrical Sky Parade will continue to captivate visitors with its twinkling lights as the show has been extended until January 6, 2025!

A new nighttime show themed around Marvel

Following the success of Avengers: Power the Night, Disneyland Paris announces the upcoming arrival of an all-new nighttime show featuring Scarlet Witch and Doctor Strange at the heart of Avengers Campus!

The show Alice and the Queen of Hearts: Return to Wonderland

The 32nd anniversary of Disneyland Paris was highlighted by exciting announcements about the future of Disney Adventure World Park (Walt Disney Studios). Among these announcements, we learned more about the upcoming show “Alice and the Queen of Hearts,” which will enhance the park’s entertainment offerings. Scheduled to start on May 25, 2024, this new show promises a concert-like atmosphere, combining a variety of acrobatic and artistic disciplines. Positioned as a bold reinterpretation of the classic tale and animated film, it will be presented in a Broadway style. The performances will include diverse acrobatics such as trampoline and BMX riders, adding a dynamic and captivating dimension to the experience. Located at the site of the former “Moteurs… Action!” show, “Alice and the Queen of Hearts” promises to be an immersive and captivating experience where you’ll need to choose your side. Stay tuned for more on this new attraction, as I plan to write a detailed article about it in the “List of All Attractions” section of my blog.

Photo Credit: Disneyland Paris

The Closure of Studio 1

As anticipated for several months, Studio 1, currently used as the gateway to the Walt Disney Studios universe, is preparing to close its doors for an extended period to undergo a thorough renovation. Among the changes announced by Disney, we can expect new settings following the park’s retheming after its name change! Some of these settings were even shared at the conference in the form of concept art.

Photo Credit: Disneyland Paris

Photo Credit: Disneyland Paris