Have you always dreamed of taking your little princes and princesses to the enchanting world of Disney? Do you want to enjoy every magical moment without worrying about your children’s fatigue? Would you like to avoid having to bring your stroller with you in your car, on the train, or on the plane?

Well, look no further! To make your visit as enjoyable as possible, Disneyland Paris offers a stroller rental service that will allow you to fully enjoy your day without any worries or fatigue. A stroller that will allow your child to rest and you to fully enjoy your visit or stay in complete serenity.

Stroller Rental

The stroller rental service is available at the entrance of Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios Park. In Disneyland Paris, the rental kiosk is located at Town Square Terrace, just to the right after entering the park. In Walt Disney Studios Park, the kiosk is located at Studios Services, also to the right after entering the park.

The Stroller Rental Price

To rent a stroller for the day, it will cost you 25€. A deposit of 50€ will also be required. For those staying multiple days and wishing to keep the stroller for several consecutive days, don’t forget to mention this to the Cast Member who will assist you.

The Benefits of Stroller Rental at Disneyland Paris

  1. Comfort for children: Disney Park is a vast area, and your children’s little legs might tire quickly. Renting a stroller allows them to rest while you continue to explore the park’s wonders.

  2. Easier navigation: The pathways in Disney Park can sometimes be crowded, and maneuvering with children without losing them or having them stepped on can be challenging. Strollers make it easier to move through the crowd.

  3. Comfort for parents: In addition to providing comfort and safety for your children, strollers also make life easier for parents by allowing them to rest more and fully enjoy their experience at Disneyland Paris.

  4. Simplified transport: Renting a stroller at Disneyland Paris means you won’t have to bring your own, saving space in your car or simplifying your journey by train or plane if you travel to Disneyland Paris using these methods of transport.

The Disadvantages of Stroller Rental at Disneyland Paris

  1. Limited quantity: I advise arriving early to ensure you can rent a stroller, as they are available in limited quantities and can be very popular, especially during peak times.
  2. Limited storage: Disneyland Paris strollers do not have storage baskets or similar features. Therefore, you will need to carry a bag with you.
  3. No baby stroller: Disneyland Paris strollers do not recline, making them unsuitable for babies to sleep in.
  4. Cost: The stroller rental service is not free, so it’s important to budget for this, especially if you plan to stay multiple days in the park.

In conclusion, stroller rental at Disney Park remains a practical and beneficial service for the whole family. It allows you to enjoy a magical day without worries, while ensuring your children’s comfort and making it easier to move around the park.