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Location: Disney Hotel Santa Fe
Theme: Road 66, Cars (Pixar)
Type: Bar
Price: €€

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Restaurant presentation

The Rio Grande Bar is located in the Santa Fe Hotel at Disneyland Paris. It’s inspired by the atmosphere of the American Southwest and the famous Route 66. You can relax in a warm and friendly atmosphere, sipping your favorite drink. The bar offers a wide variety of cocktails, including classics such as tequila and mojito, as well as other alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. The decor is also inspired by the atmosphere of the American West, with warm colors and motifs typical of this region. You can sit at the bar to chat with other customers and experienced bartenders, or make yourself comfortable in one of the soft armchairs. The Rio Grande Bar is the ideal place to relax after a day of sightseeing at Disneyland Paris, or to spend a pleasant evening with friends or family. You can also enjoy snacks and light dishes to accompany your drinks.

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