Description sheet

Park: Disney Village
Location: Disney Hotel Sequoia Lodge
Theme: Nature park, Forest
Type: Bar
Price: €€

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Restaurant presentation

The Redwood Bar and Lounge is a bar and lounge located in the Sequoia Lodge hotel at Disneyland Paris. The décor is designed in the spirit of the bed and breakfasts found in America’s national parks, with a cozy, friendly atmosphere. The bar is built around a magnificent stone fireplace, adding a warm, rustic touch to the atmosphere. Enjoy a drink or cocktail prepared by our experienced bartenders, while chatting with friends and family. The Redwood Bar and Lounge is the perfect place to unwind after a long day at Disneyland Paris, share fabulous stories and plan the next day. You can also enjoy the outdoor terrace with its breathtaking views of the lake and surrounding forest.

Where to find the restaurant

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