Description sheet

Park: Disneyland Paris
Location: Frontierland
Theme: Western
Type: Snack
Cuisine: Coffee break
Price: €


Restaurant presentation

The Overland Trail Café is a snack bar with a rich history in Frontierland, presenting itself as a must for adventurers in search of flavor while exploring the vast expanses of the American West. Inspired by the traditions of travelers of yesteryear, who traveled the Overland Trail by stagecoach or wagon, this fast-food outlet offers a well-deserved break for modern explorers. It also pays homage to the famous postal service of the time, the Pony Express, making this café more than just a place to eat: it’s a real piece of history. Whether you’re on the road to adventure or simply looking for a place to recharge your batteries, the Overland Trail Café is the new destination not to be missed at Disneyland Paris.

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