Mickey Mouse is one of the most popular characters, and meeting the famous mouse can be one of the most memorable moments of your visit to Disneyland Paris. In this article, I will introduce you to the easiest and safest way to meet and take a photo with Mickey!

The ‘Meet Mickey’ attraction located in Fantasyland is one of the most magical experiences at Disneyland Paris. This attraction gives you the opportunity to meet Mickey Mouse, Disney’s iconic star, in person and have your photo taken with him.

Introduction to the Attraction

The Meet Mickey attraction is located at the back of Fantasyland, next to the Fantasyland station, not far from Peter Pan. The meeting takes place in a theater inside a building specially designed for this attraction. The theater is decorated with elements from Mickey’s universe, including backdrops and props. The purpose of the attraction is to allow visitors to meet Mickey Mouse in person and take photos with him.

The preshow of Meet Mickey

Before you can meet Mickey, you’ll have to wait, as you can imagine, you’re not the only one eager to meet this huge star. Fortunately, even though the wait can sometimes be long, the Imagineers who designed the attraction have thought of this by offering us a preshow during the wait. Indeed, in the queue, you are immersed in a real theater with its magnificent decorations, and most importantly, on the stage, a huge screen where various Mickey Mouse cartoons and his friends are projected. Perfect for entertaining both the young and the young at heart.

The moment of meeting Mickey

After the preshow, you will be invited to enter the backstage area of the theater to meet Mickey Mouse in person. You will be greeted by staff members who will guide you to the room where the meeting takes place. Once inside, you will see Mickey Mouse eagerly awaiting you with his dedicated photographer. He will welcome you with a warm smile and invite you to come closer to him to take a photo.

Please note that visitors can take photos with their own camera or smartphone, or purchase the photos taken by Disneyland Paris’s professional photographers at the exit of the attraction.

My tips for having a magical time

Meeting Mickey is an opportunity to have a unique experience with one of Disney’s most famous characters. You can chat with Mickey, ask questions, or even tell him a joke. Mickey is always delighted to interact with visitors and ensure that everyone has an unforgettable time.

Additionally, here are my tips to ensure this moment becomes a magical memory:

  • Arrive early: The attraction is very popular, so it’s advisable to arrive early to avoid long queues. Check the schedule: It’s important to check the attraction’s schedule as it may have varying hours.
  • Be ready for the photo: Make sure your camera or smartphone is ready to take photos before entering the attraction. If you’ve purchased a Photopass, you can collect all the photos taken by the photographer by presenting it to them.
  • Prepare your pose: Before meeting Mickey, think about the pose you want for your photo. You can draw inspiration from photos of meetings with Mickey on social media or simply be creative.
  • Dress accordingly: If you want to take a photo with Mickey in a particular style, make sure to wear matching clothing. For example, if you want to take a Christmas-themed photo with Mickey, wear Christmas clothes or festive colors. You can also wear Mickey ears or other accessories to add a touch of magic to your photo.

By following these tips, you can have a memorable moment with Mickey at Disneyland Paris and leave with incredible photos to immortalize your experience. Also, be aware that the ‘Meet Mickey’ attraction is not the only place to meet Mickey Mouse. I will soon write an article on all the ways to meet him in the park, but know that this attraction is the easiest way to leave with a beautiful photo.