Have you ever wondered if the magic of Disneyland Paris could expand even further? Picture yourself wandering through an entirely new enchanting world within the already magical complex. This vision could become a reality with the potential upcoming announcement of a third park at Disneyland Paris.

Disneyland Paris is on the brink of a spectacular transformation with an ambitious expansion project for Walt Disney Studios. With a colossal budget of 2 billion euros, this transformation plan aims to expand the park by 36 hectares, injecting new energy into the second park of the Disneyland Paris estate. This colossal project will unfold in five major phases until 2028, promising visitors a series of unprecedented experiences.

Avengers Campus – Open since summer 2022

This new land, based on the Marvel universe, has already captivated crowds with its three restaurants, two shops, and especially its two new attractions that have taken place: Spider-Man W.E.B. Adventure and Avengers Assemble: Flight Force, succeeding Armagedon and the Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster respectively. This space also offers a character meet-and-greet experience with Marvel characters by reservation.

The main thoroughfare – Currently under construction

Inspired by Main Street U.S.A, this central thoroughfare is designed to immerse visitors in a Hollywood ambiance, with its decor and tall trees. Three themed gardens are planned: a Toy Story garden featuring giant statues of Jessie and Woody like those found in the United States, a mysterious garden themed around Peter Pan, and an enchanting garden dedicated to Rapunzel, which will include a shop, a small body of water, and an attraction inspired by the lantern scene from the film.

A spectacular lake – Planned for 2024-2025

At the end of this thoroughfare, a large lake is planned, providing an ideal setting for hopefully stunning aquatic shows, akin to a French version of World of Color. Additionally, a panoramic restaurant will allow visitors to enjoy breathtaking views of the lake, promising a unique culinary experience.

The Frozen land – Planned for 2024-2025

This land will transport visitors to the heart of the kingdom of Arendelle, with faithful reproductions of the film’s settings, including the village, the snow-capped mountain, and Elsa’s Palace. Also announced is a water dark ride attraction (similar to It’s a Small World), resembling Frozen Ever After opened in 2016 at Disney World, offering an immersion into the frozen world of Elsa and Anna.

The unknown land – Planned for 2027-2028

The final land to open around 2027-2028 could be a surprise. While a Star Wars land similar to Galaxy’s Edge was originally planned, rumors suggest a possible shift towards a theme based on the original Star Wars trilogy or The Mandalorian. Other rumors also mention an Avatar or The Lion King land.

This expansion plan is a promise of renewal and enrichment of the Disneyland Paris experience, with new adventures, memorable encounters, and attractions that are sure to delight both young and old. While the excitement is at its peak, don’t forget to stay tuned for the updates that I will regularly post, as the future always holds its share of magic at Disneyland Paris.