Nighttime shows at Disneyland Paris are always a magical experience that you definitely shouldn’t miss during your visit. Each evening, you can indeed witness unique shows featuring Disney characters, stunning fireworks, enchanting music, and much more.

Disney Illuminations, Disney Dreams, or even Disney D-Light, are the nighttime shows offered by Disneyland Paris every evening at the castle. However, to fully enjoy the magic, it’s important to be ideally positioned, and although the show is projected onto the entire castle, it’s not always easy to find the right spot. That’s why I’ve decided to give you my best tips and tricks so that you can position yourself ideally and enjoy the best possible view.

Right in front of the castle

If you’re desperate for the best view, I’d simply recommend positioning yourself in front of the castle, just across the little bridge. But I must warn you, as you can imagine, these are the most sought-after seats. If you’re hoping to get a seat, you’ll have to come a long way in advance. So plan to come and wait at least 1h30 to 1h before the show starts.

Disadvantage: at this location, you’ll almost certainly be squeezed in with the other visitors. If you’re agoraphobic or have small children, I wouldn’t recommend this venue.

On central plaza

The second best spot, in my opinion, is on Central Plaza. This is the small square in front of the castle. From this location, you can see the entire castle and wait on the few benches and barriers available. Like the spot in front of the castle, the area fills up quickly, so arrive between 1 to 30 minutes before the start of the show to hope to find a spot.

If you happen to have a mobility card, are pregnant, etc., know that a spot is reserved for you in the center of the square, so don’t hesitate to go there.

At the control room, in front of Casey’s Corner

Devant le restaurant de Hot-Dog, Casey’s Corner vous verrez une petite maison verte. Cette maison est la régie, dédiée aux techniciens des spectacles nocturnes. À cet endroit, vous aurez une vue dégagée sur le château et serez très bien placé pour voir le spectacle et notamment le spectacle de drones Disney D-Light. L’avantage de cet endroit, c’est qu’il est souvent moins prisé par les visiteurs, vous serez donc plus à l’aise, surtout si vous des enfants, pour voir le spectacle. De plus, il y a des petits murets qui permettront à vos enfants d’être surélevés pour bien voir le spectacle. Vous pouvez espérer trouver une bonne place si vous venez entre 15 min à 30 min avant le début du show.

Sur Main Street U.S.A

As you may have noticed, Main Street U.S.A is perfectly aligned with the castle. Therefore, it’s a perfect spot to watch the show. Granted, you’ll be farther from the castle, but you’ll also be farther from the crowd. It’s the ideal place for shorter individuals and children. You won’t be packed tightly and can still enjoy the spectacle. Another advantage of this location is that you can exit the park first to get to your hotel, parking lot, or the train station.

Reserved space (paying option)

Since March 29, 2024, it has been possible to reserve a pitch for the night show. The price is currently €19 per person per show. To take advantage of this option, simply visit the Disneyland Paris mobile app.