Explore the technology and engineering behind the illuminated water fountains at Disneyland Paris’s castle. With 43 water jets powered by high-pressure centrifugal pumps and equipped with color LED lights synchronized with music and show projections, this technology is an impressive example of combining water, light, and music. Delve into the technical details of the water fountains at Disneyland Paris’s castle.

The illuminated water jets of Disneyland Paris’s castle are based on impressive technology that allows water to be used during shows and combined with light and music to create a unique visual and auditory experience. The water jets are equipped with color LED lights that can be synchronized with music and projections on the castle to create spectacular lighting effects.

Technically, what does it involve?

The shows at Disneyland Paris’s castle wouldn’t be complete without the spectacular aquatic effects created by the group of 43 fountains, 37 of which are fixed and 6 of which are mobile, installed in the castle’s basins. Each fountain is equipped with a patented LED system by Walt Disney Imagineering to add lighting effects to the water, which can reach a maximum height of 40 meters.

The water is pumped directly into the castle’s basins and then treated for recycling. Liquid losses are recovered through drainage installed at the base of the bridge.

In addition to the fountains, two water screens and a mist generator using potable water are also used to create impressive special effects. All of this was carried out by the Belgian company Neverland Themepark Projects, which performed a highly complex task while adhering to schedule constraints, weather conditions, and camouflage of various technical elements.

A high-tech show

The jets are powered by pumps that pump water at a speed of 90 cubic meters per hour, or approximately 25 liters per second. The pumps used for the illuminated water jets are high-pressure centrifugal pumps. They operate by using centrifugal force to move water through the pump and out through the jets. The pumps are powered by electric motors, capable of providing a total power of 132 kW.

The control system for the water jets is equipped with specialized software that synchronizes the jets with the music and projections on the castle. The software uses motion sensors to track the movement of the water jets and ensure they are synchronized with the music and projections.

Similarly, the LED lights used to illuminate the water jets are mounted on the jet nozzles. They are controlled by the same software as the water jets, allowing synchronization with the music and projections. The LED lights are capable of producing a wide range of colors and effects, enabling the creation of spectacular lighting effects perfectly synchronized with the music and projections.

In conclusion, the illuminated water jets of Disneyland Paris’s castle are an impressive example of the technology and engineering used by Disneyland to create unique visual and auditory spectacles. If you have the opportunity to see one of the shows at the castle, I highly recommend paying attention to these water fountains as well!