Looking to book a stay at Disneyland Paris and find the best price? Want to enjoy a Disney hotel stay while saving money? You’re in the right place!

In this blog post, I will present the key criteria for saving on your Disneyland Paris stay booking, as well as the tool provided by the park to find the best available price offer.

Tips for Getting the Best Deal on Your Stay

“To maximize your savings when booking your stay at Disneyland Paris, take the time to carefully choose your hotel and dates. Select a hotel that fits your needs and budget, taking into account the available special offers. For more details, be sure to read my dedicated post on the subject. Additionally, plan your stay in advance to take advantage of the best financing offers from Disneyland Paris, such as financing up to six times without fees. By carefully selecting your dates, avoiding peak periods, and opting for weekday stays, you can make significant savings on your booking.

Disneyland Paris Price Comparison Tool

To help you find the best price, Disneyland Paris offers a price comparison calendar. This tool displays the most advantageous rates based on your criteria: number of rooms and guests, length of stay, and hotel choice. With a color-coded system, you can easily identify the most economical periods for your stay.

Heavily discounted rate

Reduced rate

Standard rate

High rate

Very high rate

To use it, select the duration of your stay, choose your Disney hotel, specify the number of rooms and visitors. Please note that the price is displayed per person, including the cost of tickets.

What savings are possible?

Finally, here’s an example of the savings you can make based on the dates:

March 2024
March 2025
Savings percentage
Disney Hotel Santa Fe
1 088€
28% savings
Disney Hotel Cheyenne
1 309,08€
30% savings
Disney Hotel Sequoia Lodge
1 235,82€
26% savings
Disney Hotel Newport Bay Club
1 347,24€
1 037,42€
23% savings
Disney Hotel New York - The Art of Marvel
1 841,62€
1 292,22€
30% savings
Disneyland Hotel
3 572,92€
2 100,82€
42% savings

Rates mentioned on the Disneyland Paris website as of March 4, 2024, for a 3-day, 2-night stay for 2 people.

By carefully planning your Disneyland Paris trip and utilizing the price comparison tool while booking in advance, you can enjoy significant savings. These savings could, for instance, allow you to upgrade to a higher-tier hotel or indulge more in the park’s restaurants and shops.